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  1. D Em Our song is the slamming screen door, G A Sneakin? out late, tapping on your window D Em G When you?re on the phone and you talk real slow A D Cause it?s late and your mama don?t know Em Our song is the way you laugh G A The first date?man, I didn?t kiss her, but I should haveâ.
  2. OurSong is dedicated to performing high quality music while celebrating our unique gay and lesbian experience and our evolving place in the world. PO Box P: Atlanta, GA
  3. Nov 11,  · This performance of ‘Your Song’ was Elton’s second appearance on Top Of The Pops, airing on January 14th This was just one week before the song .
  4. Our Song is a concert of words! Every beat, every line is filled with love, family and a breathtakingly beautiful happily ever after/5.
  5. Nov 11,  · Lyrics to Our Song by Matchbox Twenty from their new album North. My personal new favorite song. Song belongs to it's respectful owner. I take no credit for the music.
  6. Our Song Lyrics: Toledo was just another pit stop along the good king's highway / My fortification took me by surprise and hit me, sending me sideways / Spellbound - Roundly - Good for sunshine.
  7. Our Song, by Taylor Swift is featured on Taylor's debut self-titled album - and is the story of a couple who don't have a song. It is a dancy, catchy country song. Swift said (Source Our Song Songfacts): "I just sat down one day with my guitar and got in a groove, and went with it.
  8. Our Song Lyrics: Lyrics from Snippet / Good mornin', we lookin' for a function / I know you niggas love to push my buttons / Tell the Lord to call me back / Tell Ferg to hit me back, and it'll be a.
  9. Mar 13,  · Willie Nelson has released “Our Song,” a gorgeous new ballad from First Rose of Spring, his upcoming studio album out April 24th. “Our Song” was written by Chris Stapleton, a frequent.

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