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  1. The Serum Antidote was the main focus of the Unstoppable arc. The Serum Antidote was made by Olivia Cahill. She learned how to make the antidote from her time as Leonardo Da Vinci's apprentice. It was made by Sammy Mourad in Flashpoint, when the Cahills were assembling the antidote to save Amy's life. Troy: Six whiskers from an Anatolian leopard, .
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  3. An antidote has been discovered for the world's most venomous creature, the Australian box jellyfish. A single sting from the creature will cause excruciating pain and skin necrosis.
  4. On-U Sound related product discography: Part 2. This is part 2 of a listing of releases featuring or comprising On-U Sound personnel in non On-U recording activities - i.e. not featuring Adrian Sherwood in any direct capacity and covers artists starting with the letters I>Q.
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