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  1. Shortly thereafter Mark left the band to go to college and the band broke up. Dante went on to play drums for Ignition and Geoff, Steve, and Mark reunited and formed the band Three, with Jeff Nelson from Minor Threat. Gray Matter reformed in the spring of and released a double seven inch in and the full-length, "Thog", in
  2. Song Name: Popularity: 1: Retrospect 4% 2: Oscars Eye 6% 3: Fill A Void 3% 4: Give Me A Clue 6% 5: Gray Matter 1% 6: Caffeine Blues 7% 7: Crisis And Compromise 2% 8: Flash In Time 1% 9: Phobias 0% I Am The Walrus 9% Chutes And Ladders 11%
  3. 1 Thog 5 Song in Threes If you listen to the first Gray Matter LP with open ears it's pretty easy to realize they were essentially a pop band cloaked in punk/indie aesthetics and were by far the most accessible thing to come out of the DC scene at the time. They even covered the Beatles!
  4. Jan 01, · Version is the second studio album by American rock band Garbage. It was released on May 4,, by Almo Sounds. With this album, the band aimed to improve and expand upon the style of their eponymous debut rather than reinventing their sound/5(50).
  5. Shortly after the demise of Three, Geoff, Mark and Steve joined again with Dante Ferrando and reunited Gray Matter. Several of the Three demos included on the “extra tracks” later surfaced on Gray Matter’s album, Thog. LP includes a download.
  6. Dischord Gray Matter Thog Buy Digital $7 This album is out of print on CD and LP, but the songs are available, both as a collection and individually, to download as MP3 files.
  7. Three Formed in , Three was Jeff Turner, Steve Niles, and Mark Haggerty (all of Gray Matter) and Jeff Nelson. The band did a few short tours and recorded at Geoff's home studio as well as Inner Ear. Things were looking up for them, but the band self-destructed before their album came out. Three and Happy Go Licky played their last shows together on New Year's Day,
  8. "Song in Threes," possibly a tip of the hat to Turner's Three work, is one of the best, given a bit of a sea shanty feel and a lovely combination of restrained music and soft singing on the verse shifting into more intense, soaring feelings for the choruses.
  9. ‎Formed in the summer from the ashes of several Washington, D.C., area punk bands, Gray Matter's mix of melody and punk power helped key the punk resurgence in the nation's capitol. Consisting of guitarist Mark Haggerty and drummer Dante Ferrando (both of controversial first wave Disch. Available with an Apple Music subscription.

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