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  1. May 18,  · Apr 2, Science of being high: Your brain on acid. Apr 2, Mar 15, Shooting lasers into brain: sci-fi or reality? Mar 15, In brain stuff Tags psychedelics, psilocybin, mushrooms, LSD, functional connectivity ← I only use 10% of my left brain or The most common myths about brain debunked.
  2. Nov 13,  · Acidosis refers to the condition of too much acid in the body. There are several types of acidosis, and their exact mechanisms can vary, but the baseline cause is almost always a failure of one or more organs to maintain the balance between acid and base in your body.
  3. Sep 27,  · Keep in mind that all pH levels in the body are not created equal — and this is OK. An older, but still widely regarded October article in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, notes that the stomach has a pH of to , and the skin has a pH of 4 to If you try to combat acidosis by changing your diet, you are unlikely to change the acidity of these parts of your body.
  4. The Journals of Cancer recently published a study which found that a number of chemical agents in garlic produce both reactive oxygen and free radical cells which kill certain types of brain cancer cells.
  5. Mar 31,  · because brain cells can never grow back, it is very serious when you take drugs that kill your brain cells. I don't know exactly how many are killed, but if thousands are lost every single day, and scientists have discovered that even more are lost through drugs, especially with all that you've taken it must be a very large amount for them to notice an even greater loss.
  6. 1) We want to tell you about nine nutraceuticals that have been shown to clear amyloid—the toxic gunk that causes Alzheimer’s—out of your brain. 2) These herbs and nutrients can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease from grabbing hold of your brain. 3) These nutraceuticals produce a cognitive-enhancing effect that can support your memory NOW.
  7. Mar 17,  · Smoking, Cocaine, And 3 Other Ways You Can Kill Your Brain Cells. Mar 17, AM By Anthony Rivas. Although the brain can produce new brain cells, there are many ways we kill them. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have a limited supply of brain cells. Sure, the majority of them grow early in life.

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